Well, hello!

It is nice to meet you and thank you for visiting Gwin’s Tiny Kitchen, the place where we enter into an adventure every time we gather. As your tour guide to this adventure, let me introduce myself, my birth name is Lydia and the name I am most referred to as is Mom. I am a mother to an 8 year old son, Miles and 5 year old daughter, Piper and you will meet them throughout our journey.

I have two great joys in life outside my family, and it is food and gnomes. I mean who takes a gnome in a tux to a photo booth with a cupcake? This gal! None the less, food is such a multi-dimension facet that defines so much of our identity along with the incredible lessons it teach us along the way. Before I totally nerd out, I hope you can buckle in and enjoy this roller coaster ride as we continue to breakdown food, kids in the kitchen, and how I got this gnome in a tux.