What’s Next?

So funny how I catch myself mumbling this phrase when in the kitchen. What’s next in the step in the recipe, what’s the next dish I have to start, always trying to make sure I have one step planned so when it comes, I AM READY! Truth be told, I am kinda like this in real life. My mind working on ways to setting myself up for success to the next task.

And then March 2020 hit. Like many others around me, I was in a new state of unknown. I had no idea what the next day would unveil, what plans I should be making. I found myself in a very unfamiliar place, a purgatory of what feels like endless waiting. My whole life has shifted. My job of ten years was no longer, not even a pillar of assurance for return. My common everyday ingredients displaced; job, family, friends all unavailable.

So, what’s next? Eating! Lots of eating! This is typically the best answer to most things emotions and crushing. (I am sure some dietitian or therapist is shrieking. Let’s revise and say within moderation) But what is next? Creativity, Discovery, Exploration – and patience, lots of it. I guess join me on this self-discovery in the kitchen and with new vision from my kids. Truth be told, they are often the best teachers of life.


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